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Full Service Heating Services

Nobody does heating system repairs in Wisconsin better than The Luke N. Reuter Co. We've been in business since 1939 and have earned a reputation of being the most reliable heating and cooling service company in the area. Our staff is full of highly trained and qualified professional technicians who will repair your heating system in an efficient manner.

Once our technician has inspected your heating system, they will diagnose what is wrong and will begin working on it immediately. Our on-site trucks carry replacement parts so we are able to do the repairs as quickly as possible. You can trust our technicians to handle repairs of all kinds when it comes to your heater because they are all highly trained and qualified.

The Luke N. Reuter Co Inc Germantown Wisconsin

Heating System Installation

When it comes to heating system installation, there is a lot to think about and take into consideration. We understand exactly what needs to be done to ensure success in installing a new heating system because we have so many years of experience. Whether its a home heating system or a bigger system to serve a large office building, we always use top quality products with the latest techniques to guarantee a proper installation every time.

We have been installing heating systems in Germantown and the surrounding areas for years and we believe in providing the best customer service. Whether it is giving you a free estimate, or at your home or office installing a new heating system, we can promise the best customer service in the area. When you want the best heating system installation offered in Wisconsin, the professionals here have the experience, knowledge, and skills to get it done right every time.

Some heating installation services we provide are:

• Installation of all major brands of heating systems. We know that not every home or building is the same and each one has its own specific needs for their heating systems. Our representatives can help you make any decisions that you may be unsure of.

• Custom ductwork. Your furnace will not be able to convey the heated air throughout the building without proper ductwork. Most homes or buildings need a customized system in order to fulfill the needs of the building. We are highly trained and experienced and are able to construct and install custom ductwork to provide optimum performance for your home.

• High efficiency heating systems. Nobody likes spending unnecessary money and lots of money gets wasted on utility payments, but there is a solution. With our high efficiency heating systems you will notice a decrease in your utility bills immediately, while still enjoying the benefits of a high quality heating system.

• Obtaining the proper permits. Most people do not know, but when you have a new furnace installed in your home or building, you need certain permits. When you work with us we will provide the proper permits and inspections necessary to get the job done right and as required by law.

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The Luke N. Reuter Co Inc Germantown Wisconsin The Luke N. Reuter Co Inc Germantown Wisconsin The Luke N. Reuter Co Inc Germantown Wisconsin

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